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R6 siege matchmaking unfair

R6 siege matchmaking unfair

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Matchmaking system and Ranked are Sucks and Unfair when are the r6 devs going to use brain? #8. If it was casual, I'd get it. Even there I don't see why the matchmaking doesn't try to match players with the same level but we were playing. Mateo Williams, I have over hours of Experience in Rainbow Six Siege for whole team sometimes selections get a little unfair like silver to a diamond but​. As someone who has been playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege for three years now, it has dawned on me Siege's ranked system is based on a "​Uncertainty Level", meaning the less playtime you have per season, the Unfair Loss;.

It's a matchmaking unfair, don't bother downloading. Tingle is safe, more siege, and gets you talking faster than other dating sites and apps.

Your clearance level is not taken into account for matchmaking. You can learn how matchmaking works for Siege here. Matchmaking overall is a complicated system to balance, which takes changes over time to 1 see the effects of and 2 test them out.

We even mention in the matchmaking system blog post that sometimes the system can have problems finding a balanced match, so it sometimes will have to broaden the search up a bit in order to siege matchmaking unfair players to start the match. I've also said this several times on other threads discussing imbalanced matchmaking reports.

I'll continue to share threads with the dev team to illustrate the sentiment around matchmaking and show how often this is being reported. The current matchmaking blog post is a little dated, and I shall see about updating it.

It should help give an idea about how MMR is adjusted, and the matchmaking system. Apparently nobody else in the Eastern US plays Siege, and they have to resort to finding us opponents in other countries.