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Man seeking women rotten

Update, March 9, Rotten Tomatoes has said it has "identified a bug" that was responsible for the unusually high man seeking women rotten of Captain Marvel ratings and apparent trolling, HuffPost reports. Even though the comment function is disabled ahead of a film's release, the site still allows people to vote if they "want to see" a film — and Rotten Tomatoes says pre-release ratings were accidentally included in the post-release ratings.

This article was originally published on March 8, Happy International Women's Day! Coincidentally, that's also around how much less women make than men on the dollar. A cool and normal reaction to a woman being a superhero for sure.

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Man Seeking Woman, What To Text Her

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In November, Rotten Tomatoes visited the set of FXX's upcoming comedy Man Seeking Woman to find out what the deal is with Jay Baruchel's. I noticed that whenever the screen went black for a moment, I saw a glassy reflection of my face looking back at me I saw myself wearing a big, fat ugly-​smirk. “If I had to base my career on what white men wanted I would be very unsuccessful,” Only 34 percent of all critics featured on Rotten Tomatoes are women, Bailey says that with the site, she's seeking not to overtake Rotten. See where Shades of Blue, Galavant, Man Seeking Woman, and more rank on the TV Scorecard!

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