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Coc war matchmaking weight

Coc war matchmaking weight

Therefore, you may want to maintain a lower war weight for a matching advantage. War weights in Clashtrack Now you know what war weight is all about. You can use it In Clashtrack coc war matchmaking weight the tab "members" and can give each member the war weight number from Clan Wars. War weight helps to understand the player order on the war map. War weight is also a tool used to arrange scrimmages with other war clans.

Lastly, it is a tool to help manage the upgrading of war bases. These players know what war weight is all about. The advantage of these bases are that they have a relatively low war weight.

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Clash of Clans News, update Sneak Peeks, rumors and leaks, and Wiki, stats, After calculating the “War Weight” of your Clan, the matchmaking looks for a. Town Hall levels aren't a deciding factor in matchmaking either. at his Town Hall level and upgraded to the new troop levels does his weight begin to increase. War Weight Manipulating, is this cheating?!? I'm in a clan war, and the opponent has people with no walls or defense buildings, so they rate.