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Speed dating near me lyrics

Speed dating near me lyrics

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Blonde girls make relationships bad Blonde girls, friends with benefits But you got thin lips and thinner thin hips and you look like a pretty lass But I do not wanna date your punch drunk ass I can feel Your muscles Your biceps and Pectorals I like your jawline and the bruise It shows that you didn't lose And you don't. look so confused just dreamy eyed and perfect All the girls want Your body Around me I see your package throbbing I'm desensitive to your touch You act like you wanna pick it up And you don't like the way I tuck You want it natural hanging out there Strong.

The lyrics had a southern twang, whichjust enhanced the entertainment factor But when Megan cut the imaginary cord, it sent Abbi into a speed-dating IfI can'​t have the woman I desire, I might as well help out this sad sap sitting next to me. Each of these is a peer interaction opportunity structured around working and present it “speed-dating” style to different students that rotate around the class.