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No facebook dating option

No facebook dating option

The "Dating" option will have all the prerequisites of a match-making app, and you will be able to create a profile completely separate from your Facebook one, which will be accessible only through the Dating section, as your friends won't be able to see what you are up to there. "Potential matches will be recommended based on dating preferences, things in common, and mutual friends," says the presser, but the kicker is that the Events and Groups features of Facebook will be accessible, too, so finding people based on common interests, or getting someone to go to a con.

Rather, your "suggested" profiles AKA people that Facebook thinks you might want to reach out to will be based off of your interests, preferences, and other things you do on Facebook.

The privacy settings included in Facebook Dating might spark your interest, as facebook dating option. First, Facebook Dating is opt-in only, which means that you only join the network if you actively choose to; and if you don't want to join Facebook Dating, Facebook will not create any sort of dating profile to connect to your regular profile on your behalf.

The press release for Facebook Dating reads, If you do create a Facebook Dating facebook dating option, only your first name and your age will come with you from your Facebook profile. For all other information, such as your gender identity, who you are interested in, photos and more, you choose whether to share it on your Dating profile. You can also choose how you want to present yourself to potential matches, like whether you provide different information than you have on your Facebook profile, and if you share details such as your hometown, religion, occupation and more within Dating.

Facebook Dating is the newest addition to the dating app universe, and it's got a handful of cool features to try out. Chances are, if you're. Create a Dating profile if you’re interested in using Facebook Dating to meet new people.​ You can access Dating from your current Facebook account on the Android or iPhone apps.​ How do I edit or remove a photo on my Facebook Dating profile?