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Snl dating show russell crowe

Snl dating show russell crowe

Crowe's SNL monologue addressed my concerns, making jokes about what it would be like if Crowes movies, like Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, were seen as comedies. Those movies are ultra serious, but the rest of Crowe's SNL performances were really silly.

He put on a fake accent to be a Freud-like character hitting on ladies on a fake dating show with some pretty explicit pick-up lines. But, in his funniest sketch, Crowe really went all out to go against type. The sketch took place on location during a fictional, Survivor-like reality show called Days in the Jungle.

Each of the contestants gets a visit from a show russell family member: a wife, a mother, and, for Pete Davidson's character Crowe plays the off-putting friend — someone who once lived in a tent in the uncle's snl dating — and he commits to it percent.

And, when it comes time for the episode's "challenge," where the family members have to eat something gross, well, Crowe really nails it. I never really thought of Crowe as a funny guy, but he made me laugh in all of these sketches, especially that last one. If these dramas don't work out for him, there could be a career for him on a sketch show.

Russell Crowe on 'SNL': 3 Sketches You Have to See made it count as an articulate, horny German professor competing on a dating game. Now, game shows are a staple of SNL, and this one doesn't break any boundaries. I think about Russell Crowe, noted not-comedian, and, by all accounts, what came across was SNL trying to fashion a comedy show around a guy writers didn't seem overly concerned with helping learn it at this late date.

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